Tarzan and the She-Devil

Tarzan and the She Devil This set was released by Topps in 1953. There were 60 numbered cards in the set, each measuring about 2-5/8" by 3-3/4".

This card set was released to coincide with a film of the same name. In keeping with the times, the card-front images were in 3-D, so that kids could use their red-blue 3-D glasses to view them properly.

The card fronts depict a line-drawing scene (from the film?) featuring Tarzan or assorted characters in a dramatic situation. It is rendered in the red-blue 3-D format popular in the 1950's. Surrounding the image is a black border; along the bottom is the card title, while at the bottom-left and bottom-right corners are a red and blue dot, respectively, telling the reader which way his glasses should be oriented. The card backs give the set title at top, below which is a paragraph of text, with an ad for the rest of the set at the bottom; to the far right on the horizontal card back is a small graphic of a jungle tribesman with a small paragraph of text beneath.

This set was available in both 1-cent and 5-cent packs which were titled Tarzan 3D - and these were used again the following year for the card set Tarzan's Savage Fury. Note that the 3-D glasses are not contained in the packs, but were probably distributed within the boxes holding the packs.

The American Card Catalog reference number for this set is R714-21.

Tarzan and the She-Devil 3D box