Terror Tales

Terror Tales cards Terror Tales cards were produced by Topps in 1967. There were 88 regular-sized cards in the set.

This is another set of trading cards where monster-movie stills are shown with funny captios or word balloons superimposed against the horrors. In this case, the stills appear to have been taken from American International Pictures films, which were always considered B-grade movies; nevertheless, many of them are considered classics of their genre today.

The card fronts depict a black-and-white photo still from a film, tinted slightly green, with a funny word balloon caption superimposed against the image, and surrounded by a white border. The backs give the set title within an elaborate cartoon border depicting various funny/horrible images, with the card number at the bottom right within a skull-candle graphic. A short paragraph of text offers a quick horror story, while along the bottom of the card the question is asked, Did It Ever Happen?

The wrapper for this set features a drawing of a monster within a rounded-edged square border (possibly to imitate a TV screen), but the title is given as Movie Monster. Each pack was 5 cents.

Note: Scanlen also distributed this card series in Australia.