Truckin' The Truckin' trading card set was produced by Donruss in the late 70's. It featured customized motor vehicles that had been featured in the magazine of the same name. There were 44 cards in the set.

Card fronts showed a color photo of a customized auto in an oval frame; the frame was stylized with a 'pop art' design appropriate for the design sense of the time, with colorful lines and a star at each corner. Card fronts contained no caption or number; all were horizontal.

Card backs contained the series title in large, stylized cartoon lettering, followed by a description of the particular vehicle shown on the front; this was followed by the card number and then the name and home town of the person who had customized the vehicle. At the bottom was a cut-out order form to purchase a subscription to Truckin' magazine.

Note: the back of card #2 has no card number listed.