U.S. Presidents (1972)

Presidents trading cards Topps produced this trading card set devoted to U.S. Presidents and Presidential candidates in 1972 to cash in on the hubbub surrounding the upcoming election in November of that year. There were 43 cards in this set, as well as 15 posters which were folded and inserted into packs.

Card fronts came in two flavors: Presidents former and current, and 1972 Presidential candidates. The Presidents were shown in painted portrait, against a background that showed events related to their time in office; the Presidential seal and his name in a ribbon was inset at the base of the picture. Candidates were shown in black and white photographs, in an oval shape against a red-white-and-blue background with '1972 Candidates For U.S. President' along the top and his or her name along the bottom.

Card backs were the same for Presidents and candidates. The persons's name was in a white block within a larger blue one at the top, with the card number in a badge to the left; this was followed by a paragraph of biographical text. The set logo was at the bottom, along with the copyright notice.

Many of the cards in this set were reprints from Topps's 1956 U.S. Presidents card set; in turn, many of those had been taken from a Bowman set from 1952, after Topps had purchased that company.

The posters in this set resembled (fictional) campaign posters for the President pictured.