Valentine Foldees

Topps Valentine Foldees Topps released the Valentine Folders sets in 1963 and 1977. There were 55 numbered cards in each set, perforated for folding.

Each card was actually three pictures side by side, perforated on the area between each. The images alternated between portraits of famous persons and designs, like the backs of playing cards. The card-back designs often had humorous phrases, so that when juxtaposed with the portraits they made a funny statement.

As mentioned, these cards were released both in 1963 and 1977. The famous-person pictures remained the same for both, but the designs were different; for the most part, the 1963 cards sport a design with little 'wheels', while the 1977 issue has a design with what appear to be little 'bananas' (see image at right for an example). Besides this, the boxes and wrapper for both sets were entirely different, so there should be little confusion.

The art on this issue, like many great Topps sets of the period, appears to have been done by Jack Davis.