Wacky Packages series 1

Wacky Packages Wacky Packages series 1 was a series of stickers produced by Topps in 1973. It consists of 30 stickers parodying various consumer products (i.e., 'Grave Train' rather than 'Gravy Train' brand dog food). Although this is commonly referred to as 'series 1,' there was actually a previous Wacky Packages series that was released in 1967. However, that previous series of die-cut cards failed reach sales expectations. Series 1 from 1973, however, caused a sensation.

The newly-revamped Wacky Packages arrived ont he market in early 1973. There were 30 unnumbered stickers and 9 puzzle-checklist cards in this series.

Note that all of the images in this set had previously appeared in the 1967 Die-Cuts series.

Stickers from this set can be found on four different types of backing paper. In order of rarity (most to least common), they are (1) white with no printing back; (2) tan with no printing; (3) 'black Ludlow camel back' - this refers to a cartoon camel ont he back with the trademark 'Snap-Back' printed on the body and the company name Ludlow beneath - this is in black ink; (4) 'red Ludlow camel back' - the same as (3), but printed in red ink. Again, these are listed most to least common, so the stickers with the red camel back paper are the rarest.

The reason for the use of different paper stocks is that apparently Topps was caught by surprise as to the popularity of this set - kids were buying them so fast that the company couldn't keep up with the demand and had to use whatever paper stocks they could get their hands on.

Each pack came with 2 stickers, 1 puzzle-checklist card, and 1 piece of gum for 5 cents. Packs were red. Boxes for this series were purple and held 48 packs.

As the name implies, the card fronts were puzzle pieces ('Gadzooka' bubble gum, which made fun of Bazooka, a Topps product), while the backs were identical checklists for the stickers.

The stickers in this series include:
6-Up Beverage
Band-Ache Strips
Breadcrust Hash
Chock Full O' Bolts
Cover Ghoul
Crust Tooth Paste
Dopey Cream
Duzn't Detergent
Fink Beverage
Badzooka Gum
Grave Train
Horrid Deoderant
Hostage Cakes
Jail-O Dessert
Liptorn Soup
Maddie Boy
Minute Lice
Mrs. Klean
Mutt's Juice
Paul Maul
Pure Hex
Quacker Oats
Spray Nit
Tied Detergent
Vicejoy Cigarettes
Weakies Breakfast Cereal