Wacky Plaks

Wacky Plaks Topps released their series of Wacky Plaks in 1959. There were 88 cards in the set.

The cards are printed to resemble postcards. The card fronts feature a simulated wood panel with 'distressed' side edges, within which is a small cartoon with accompanying joke. The backs are numbered and are printed to simulate a postcard, with spaces for the sender's name and recipient's full address, as well as for a postage stamp.

The general intent of the card series is difficult to figure out; while the backs clearly simulate postcards, the fronts seem to be meant to hang on the wall, complete with a 'thumbtack hole' already indicated within the image.

Note: This set was rereleased virtually as-is (but with the card numbered rearranged, for some reason) as Kookie Plaks, in 1965.

This card set was also released by A&BC in Britain, and by Scanlens in Australia.

The artwork in this set was created by the inimitable Jack Davis.