The Waltons

The Waltons trading card Topps released a test set dedicated to the nostalgic TV seies The Waltons in 1973. There were 50 numbered cards in the test set.

Post-Bonnie and Clyde, the early 70's saw a surge of interest in times past - the 1920's and 30's particularly. 'Granny dresses,' despite being just barely sexier than burkas, became a very brief fashion item, in spite of - maybe in response to - the recent trends like miniskirts, and going braless. Anyway, after a successful Christmas special which served as a pilot, The Waltons, about a poor but honest American family struggling to survive in the 1930's, became a long-running regular series, portraying a relatively simpler era through the characters' small-town lives.

The family drama of the show, however, apparently didn't quite translate into a compelling trading card set. Topps released this as a test set in some markets, and since then it has become one of the more sought-after and elusive test issues.

The card fronts show a color still photo from the TV seies, surrounded by a thin white frame line and a hot-pink (?!) border; the set logo appears at the bottom. The card backs are split 60-40 between puzzle pieces and text, with the card number at the bottom left. There were 6 different puzzles that could be made from all of the backs.

The wrappers featured a blue-background decal with logo and art, againist a plain white wrapper. The box was a plain white box without any set identification. Both the pack and box designs were done on the cheap because, again, this was a limited test issue.