Way-Out Wheels

Way-Out Wheels Way-Out Wheels was a trading card set produced by Topps in 1970. It featured photographs of custom cars designed by George Barris. There were 36 cards and 22 sticker sheets in this set.

The card fronts featureed a photograph of the car in an oval frame against a solid-color background, with the name of the auto written stylishly across the top. Card backs featured the card number in the middle of a cartoon tire at the top left; to the right was the set logo, followed by the name of the car and a two-to-four-word description of it. Beneath this was a white block containing a paragraph of text about the car, along with the sale pitch 'Collect all 38 cards in this series of Way-Out Wheels'. This was surrounded by six smaller cartoon pictures of customized autos, against a blue background.

The stickers in this set resembled small auto-related corporate emblems (such as Ferrari, Texaco, etc.); there were 16 to each card-sized sticker sheet. Note: These were identical to the ones issued in the Evel Knievel card set, except that these had white backs, while the others had brown backs.

Apparently this same card set was offere in Australia in different wrappers; the backs still indicate that they were printed in the U.S.

The same year that Topps produced this set, Fleer published their own custom-auto card series called Kustom Cars; those cars were also designed by George Barris, and in fact ten of the 36 images in the Topps set were also included in the Fleer one.