Yule Laff

Yule Laff Fleer released their Yule Laff trading cards in 1960. There are 66 cards in the set.

This curious set, not rare but not common either, represents a Christmas-themed sereis of postcards with jokes. Although the standard card size (2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches), the backs of the cards are set up to be used as postcards or, more accurately, Christmas cards.

The card fronts feature a piece of colored line art with (in most cases) a funny caption that is continued on the reverse side. Some card fronts feature a prominent greeting at the top, such as HOLIDAY GREETINGS. There is also a small green mistletoe logo at the top left of every card front.

The card backs are done up like postcards, with 3 lines for the addressee, one for the sender's name, and a place for the postage stamp. At the top left is the card number in a little graphic of a snowman holding a placard, while below is a second line drawing, with minimal coloring.

The American Card Catalog reference number is R730-5.

Yule Laff wrapper