Zorro Topps released their Zorro card set in 1958. There were 88 cards in the set.

Walt Disney Productions launched their Zorro TV series on ABC in 1957, creating a new adventure hero for American kids to idolize and enjoy. Starring Guy Hamilton, each week the masked swordsman fought off the bumbling Mexican army.

The card fronts depicted a color photo still from the TV series, with the card caption in white lettering at the bottom, alongside a small logo of Zorro's hat with his distinctive white Z inside.

The card backs were light gray with a swath of bright orange along the left side. A line-drawing head shot of Zorro and the show logo line the bottom, while the main part of the card gives a synopsis of the events depicted on the front. In addition, the cards are numbered on the upper left, while the title of the next card in the series is given at the bottom of the text.

Zorro cards came in both 1-cent and 5-cent wrappers, as well as in clear-wrapped cello packs.

Parkhurst also distributed a version of this card set in Canada.

The American Card Catalog reference number for this set is R712-5.

Value: Although fairly plentiful (they were good sellers for Topps), the cards are also in high demand with collectors. Single cards from this set usually cost between $2.50 and $3.00 each in Excellent condition, with full sets going for somewhere betwen $250.00 and $300.00.